Empty Vessels? – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Efraiym started the message with a Public Service Announcement to remind us that IF we have committed our ways to The Most High through a relationship with Yeshua, THEN we are a part of the Body of Messiah! We are Family! We have an interdependency with one another. Our effectiveness as a body depends […]

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2nd Peter: An Epistle of Peter Chapter 3 Pt. 2 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,  Arthur excitedly announced two new products that were pushed to the front of the production line due to the many requests for them. These two resources are essential for “adding to your faith”.The New Covenant: A Better Covenant DVD (https://store.arthurbaileyministries.com/collections/dvds/products/the-new-covenant-a-better-covenant) is Arthur’s classic teaching which clears up the long standing misconceptions concerning covenants […]

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