Happy Halloween Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, If you think that Halloween is a harmless day of fun for young and old, this message will likely scare you worse than the horror movies that dominate the screens during the month of October.  Arthur pulls back the veil of deception and lays out Halloween as the pagan holiday it is and always […]

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2 The Eighth Day – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur made it quite clear that we are returning to the Hebrew Roots of the faith that starts with the Torah in the Old Testament, not the Greek Roots of the faith that begins with Matthew in the New Testament.  Arthur also reminded us that the Torah is the Law of YeHoVaH, not the […]

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An Approved Workman Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Elder David Rogers’ opening prayer was an affirmation of our agreement with the will of Elohim and the covenant that the Father made with us, His people.  David thanked the Father for providing an Atonement so that we could come into His Presence and that we might call “Holy” what the Almighty calls “Holy”.  Yom […]

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