The Acts of the Apostles: Chap. 7 “A History Lesson” – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, This was a history lesson and several life lessons all in one.   Arthur is quite adept at abstracting proverbial wisdom from scripture and life experiences.  This is what happened in this Teaching.  Arthur encouraged us to learn our history as he embarked on retelling Stephen’s story.   Arthur reminded us that Yeshua didn’t just show […]

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Understanding Grace – Teaching Review

Learn the the Grace definition from Hebrew Roots and Messianic Apostle Arthur Bailey

Shalom Saints, This was a milestone teaching because Arthur taught his first service in our new World Headquarters!  HalleluYAH!  The Dedication Celebration is yet to come, but Arthur humbly dedicated the building to YeHoVaH in the opening prayer.We thank you for this new facility that you have given us and we declare this place to be […]

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