The Anointing Parts 1 and 2 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Depending on what you do with the message Marcus shared, this two-part teaching is either a wakeup call or the last nail in your coffin.  In Part 1, Marcus spoke with unflinching determination to get us to understand that each of us is required to take responsibility for our actions.  Why?  Because before we […]

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‘Persecution Causes the Word to Spread’ The Acts of The Apostles: Chapter 8 Pt. 1 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur captured everyone’s attention when he said, “Persecution is not always a bad thing.”  He went on to explain that persecution has a way of moving us from a place of complacency or stagnation.  Persecution was the catalyst to get the disciples of Yeshua to carry the word to all parts of the world.  Persecution came […]

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