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Acts of the Apostles: Chapter 9 “A Wake Up Call for Paul” – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, “Did he really say that?”  Arthur uses his voice to throw auditory punches of truth.  He is masterful at painting pictures in our minds so that the impressions will last.  Unlike preachers that focus on getting people excited, Arthur focuses on equipping the Saints with the truth.  He said, “There is some good, exciting […]

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Acts of The Apostles Chapter 8 Pt. 4 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, I am astonished at how Arthur can explain well-known historical facts in a way that virtually leaves us with our mouths’ open.  Nearly everyone has heard of the “church fathers” who are espoused by Bible Colleges, Seminaries and subsequently church pastors.  However, we hadn’t deducted that people who were not in the Bible (the church […]

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The Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 8 Pt. 3: When The Holy Spirit Speaks – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur was called to be an Apostle, but he took on the mantle of Prophet for this Message before the Message.  Watching him deliver words from the Almighty with the intensity and sincerity of heart that he had, brought to mind Arthur’s kindred spirit with Jeremiah, Isaiah and other Biblical Prophets.  If this is […]

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