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Peter’s Vision Interpreted/Explained – Acts of the Apostles: Chapter 10 Pt. 2 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur is adept at taking diverse issues and situations then simplifying them so they can be compared for the purpose of highlighting a spiritual truth.  In Mathematics, we call this process finding the “lowest common denominator”.  In this teaching, Arthur compared the salvation path of Paul, a Pharisee and persecutor of the true believers, […]

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A Vision, an Angel & Instructions from YeHoVaH Acts of the Apostles: Chapter 10 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur was excited about the teaching today as he explained that through this message we would get a better understanding how the Almighty communicates and how He speaks to us.  In true Bailey-style, Arthur quickly added that just because the Almighty speaks, does not necessarily mean that people will obey what the Father says. […]

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Passover 2018 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, For this pilgrimage feast, we were blessed with a panel discussion and teaching with Arthur, David, and Efraiym.  There were 131 Saints in attendance for the Passover Celebration.  The tables were covered with gold tablecloths. Each table was decorated with tall glittery purple vases filled with grain stalks and gold glittery table numbers.  The […]

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