Biblical Fasting for Power – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, In this POWERHOUSE teaching, Arthur revealed the benefits of Fasting and Prayer.   Arthur made a convincing case for fasting becoming an intricate part of the lifestyle of all believers if they desire to operate in the POWER of the Holy Spirit.  As evidence, Arthur discussed Old Testament and New Testament passages that described the […]

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The Gospel Goes to Antioch – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur opened the Teaching with a thought-provoking question. Did you know that many great things happened in the Bible as a result of the actions of Saints whose names aren’t written in the Bible?  Arthur went on to say that those ordinary believers were just like you and I!  At the time, they probably did not […]

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Justice or “Just Us” – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Efraiym introduced the teaching with an authoritative statement that we should not underestimate who we are in the Kingdom. This teaching was all about how to be an Ambassador of Light in the midst of a dark and self-pleasing world.  As sons and daughters of the Most High, we have been transformed from darkness […]

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