Who Is Israel? Teaching Review

Who is Israel by Arthur Bailey

Shalom Saints,   Arthur was preaching before the Teaching!  He was determined to expose the lies, we have heard over and over, so that the truth could be told.  His desire to see all of YeHoVaH’s children blessed by the truth was definitely evident today.  Apostle explained that if you are a believer and in bondage […]

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In the Beginning Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,   Truth never gets old!  Efraiym’s Teaching from Genesis was a testimony of that truism.  He taught from truth and wisdom that was more than 6,000 years old (from Creation) and yet is still relevant TODAY.  Efraiym said that Genesis, or Berishith, is his favorite Book of the Bible.  Berishith means “in the beginning” […]

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Persecution and Yah’s Deliverance (Acts of the Apostles Chapter 12 Pt. 1) Teaching Review

Arthur Bailey Deliverance Message

Shalom Saints,   Arthur’s opening prayer included, “Father … If Your Word cuts us today, we know that You will heal us!”  That was a definite signal that we were going to receive strong meat today!  The persecution experienced by the disciples, the death of James (John’s brother), Peter’s death sentence, and Peter’s divinely engineered escape […]

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