Provoking Jews to Jealousy Pt 1 Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,  Arthur is good at referring back to original intents in order to get to the bottom of a matter and expose the root causes of an issue. This Teaching hinges on the original intent of YeHoVaH when He gave the Commandments at Mount Sinai. He gave them to the Israelites and the mixed multitude. Arthur explained […]

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“A Biblical History Lesson” Paul’s Version (Acts of the Apostles: Chapter 13 Part 3) Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur is intentional in his studies and is being led by the Holy Spirit.  This Teaching was definitely evidence of that.  Did you ever notice that Apostle Paul’s and Deacon Stephen’s accounts of the Israelites’ Biblical history were diametrically opposed?  It was a newsflash to me! It is amazing how one can read the […]

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True Prophets and false prophets Part 2 (The Acts of the Apostles Ch. 13 Pt. 2) Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Everyone is under the influence of a spirit.  The question is, “What spirit are you under?”  In Part 2 of this Teaching, Arthur continued to shed light on differentiating between truth and falsity.  Here are the critical keys that Arthur shared to help us avoid being taken captive or brought under the influence of […]

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