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Dealing With False Teachings Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur tackled a controversial passage in Acts 15. Arthur displayed his superb oratory abilities when he presented the real topic of discussion in Antioch, as well as the evidence for circumcision being required of believers. The topic of circumcision can become quite contentious without the proper understanding of the Word. The debate between […]

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Tribulation and the Kingdom of God Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur had a weighty responsibility to convey the messages of the Apostles in Acts while teaching in a way that is meaningful to 21st Century Saints.  The messages in the Books of Acts are serious and come with important and sometimes dangerous possible consequences if the messages are not heeded.  Arthur clearly told us […]

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Worshiping Men Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, The seriousness of this teaching was capsulized when Arthur pronounced, “Another gospel is truly no gospel at all!”  The truth is, following what Yeshua demonstrated and taught is the only way to be reconciled to the Father.  Our Father is calling us to worship Him.  So, if another gospel is taught, it is not […]

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How to Respond to Persecution Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur gave it to us straight, “for the believer, persecution is a way of life”.  He said, “When we truly follow Yeshua, remember they persecuted Him, and they will persecute us”.  This teaching was a training on how to respond appropriately to persecution because the gospel must continue to move forward.  In fact, Arthur […]

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Provoking Jews to Jealousy Part 2 Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur excels at being able to simplify seemingly complex situations and circumstances.  Why didn’t the Pharisees and the religious Jews recognize Yeshua?  Why haven’t your friends and relatives embraced the truth?  All kinds of truthful answers can be given.  However, Arthur said that the simple, and the primary reason, is that it is difficult […]

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