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The Gentiles and Salvation Part 2 Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,  Arthur was quite masterful at conducting a verse-by-verse Teaching on this multi-faceted portion of Acts 15. Only 11 verses were covered, Verses 19-29, yet there was a wealth of information drawn from those verses. Arthur shared his search of those Scriptures with us. It was quite enlightening on how much more one is […]

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Yom Kippur 2018 Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur’s unorthodox Teaching for the Day of Atonement was strictly Biblical!  Arthur’s teaching was heretical according to the tradition of Judaism, but he had searched the Scriptures and gleaned from the Word that this was a Day to Rejoice and not be mournful.  We were assembled according to Elohim’s Command and, as Arthur proclaimed, […]

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The Gentiles and Salvation Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur claimed victory over the prognosticators of devastation!  Hurricane Florence was a Category 4 Hurricane when Arthur and the Saints spoke to Florence in Thursday’s Searching the Scriptures Service.  The Newscasters predicted that Florence would be a Category 5 Hurricane when it made landfall in the Carolinas.  Arthur and many of us exercised the […]

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The Feast of Trumpets 2018 Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, True to form, Arthur delivered everything but a “tickle your ear” message.  Numerous sacred cows were knocked over and the truth was proclaimed!  Right at the beginning of the Broadcast, Arthur said that it is all right to deal with issues.  He added that we have no right to complain about issues unless we […]

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Love and a Sound Mind Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,  Efraiym set in motion a dynamic teaching by starting with a preamble on maturity versus arrested development. He explained that arrested development meant that someone is stunted in his or her growth. He related this lack of maturity – physically and spiritually – to not putting away childish things. As Efraiym stressed that embracing […]

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