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The Gospel and the Law Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur’s message made the crucial connection between the Gospel and the Law.  Knowing that the Gospel and the Law are inseparable is the basis for proclaiming that the Law is for today!  The Law is one of the primary ways the Father speaks to His people.  However, as Arthur said, “What good does it […]

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When Brethren Disagree Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur abstracted the essential elements from Acts 15 and taught a manifesto on how to handle separations and disagreements in life.  Acts 15, the backdrop of the Teaching, begins with Paul and Barnabas disputing with men who came to Antioch from Jerusalem with false teachings. The Chapter ends with Paul and Barnabas disputing with […]

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Abba El, Where Are You? Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Amongst all the important messages that Efraiym has delivered at House of Israel Charlotte, thisTeaching was stellar!  Why?  This Teaching touched the spirits of the Saints with its practical applications that we all could relate to in our faith walk.  The testimonies, confessions, and revelations shared during the Q & A Session were witnesses […]

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The 8th Day 2018 Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur introduced the Message by letting us know that Father has an established way of life, or culture, for His people.  His culture embodies the Instructions He has given us on how to relate to Him, how to relate to each other, and how we are to conduct our lives. The Feasts are an […]

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The Prophets are Sent Teaching Review

Arthur boosted our self-confidence today by telling us that our capacity to do what Yeshua did, far exceeds our ability to comprehend this fact.  Our natural mind cannot comprehend the things of YeHoVah, which is why we need to take on the mind of Yeshua.  It is so important that we do not limit ourselves […]

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Tabernacles 2018 Teaching Review

Shalom Saints,  Arthur passionately warned us about the conflicting and authoritative voices that have exalted themselves to be more than the Voice of the Almighty.  Listening to these voices leads to being distracted from the responsibilities that Father has given us.  Our primary responsibility is that we listen to His voice and direct others to […]

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