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‘Persecution Causes the Word to Spread’ The Acts of The Apostles: Chapter 8 Pt. 1 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Arthur captured everyone’s attention when he said, “Persecution is not always a bad thing.”  He went on to explain that persecution has a way of moving us from a place of complacency or stagnation.  Persecution was the catalyst to get the disciples of Yeshua to carry the word to all parts of the […]

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Understanding Grace – Teaching Review

Learn the the Grace definition from Hebrew Roots and Messianic Apostle Arthur Bailey

Shalom Saints, This was a milestone teaching because Arthur taught his first service in our new World Headquarters!  HalleluYAH!  The Dedication Celebration is yet to come, but Arthur humbly dedicated the building to YeHoVaH in the opening prayer. We thank you for this new facility that you have given us and we declare this place […]

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“The Acts of the Apostles” Chapter 5 Pt. 3 – ‘Fear Not!’ Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, Your tongue charts the course of your life!  Where are you headed?  Arthur posed this question for serious consideration.  He reminded us that following our Master Yeshua Messiah is a lifetime journey where we have to endure until the end.  Every course adjustment coming from our rudder (tongue) matters.   Learn more about The […]

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