The creation, development,​​ and launch of Hebrew Roots University is an ongoing, major undertaking for us to build and leave a legacy for generations to come.

So far, we have invested out​ of ​pocket upwards of $27,000 from our general operating funds with the hope of replacing those funds with student tuition, monthly partners, sponsorships, and donations to our Education Fund.

Now that we have launched Hebrew Roots University, the world’s first and only theological university that approaches the Scriptures from a Messianic Hebrew Roots Perspective, we are looking for partners and sponsors, who will support our efforts and help us replenish the investment cost of making Hebrew Roots University a reality.

Your contribution, sponsorship, and monthly partnership will go a long way in assuring that this legacy building University will be educating young and old alike in the Hebrew Roots of the faith once delivered to the saints for generations to come.

Please give a one-time donation, sponsor a student, give a scholarship, or become a monthly partner today.

To learn more about sponsoring a student or to give to our Scholarship Fund, please contact me at 704.626.1519.

Please, give a contribution today.  Thank you!


Last Updated on March 12, 2020 by Arthur Bailey

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