Dr. Arthur Bailey

Apostle Dr. Arthur Bailey leads House of Israel Worldwide, a group of Messianic Hebrew Roots Congregations that actively teach the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith. What a Joy it is to be called a Son of Elohim (God)!


Internationally known Apostle Dr. Arthur Bailey,  is an anointed teacher, author, preacher and prophetic minister.


Dr. Arthur Bailey is the Author of over 55 published books including “Sunday is not the Sabbath?”, now translated in seven languages, an in-depth teaching on the seventh-day Sabbath and its relevance to today’s living. Other titles include “How to Hear God’s Voice”, Offended and Offending”, The Evolution of the American Gospel”, To Tithe or Not to Tithe”. He has produced many DVD teaching series that can be found at the store.


Dr. Bailey has brought clarity to many controversial and hard-to-understand Biblical passages.

Apostle Dr. Arthur Bailey is the developer and producer of a premier Discipleship Program called  Discipleship 101 with its very own website and a premier Leadership Program called Leadership 101 with its very own website.


Thursday: Searching the Scriptures
with Arthur Bailey

7 PM Eastern Time

Friday Night Sabbath Premieres
8 PM Eastern Time

Saturday: Sabbath Service

11 AM Eastern Time

Our Vision

The Vision of ArthurBaileyMinistries.com and House Of Israel International is to be:

  • A Worshipping People (John 4:23,24)
  • An Evangelistic Community (Acts 2:42-47)
  • A Discipleship Center (Matthew 28:19)
  • An Equipping Network (Ephesians 4:12)
  • And a Worldwide Witness for Yeshua The Messiah (Acts 1:8)

Worship with Us at

3601 Rose Lake Dr., Charlotte, SC 28217


Mailing Address: P O Box 1182 Fort Mill, SC 28217

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