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Internationally known apostle and modern-day prophet, Dr. Arthur Bailey is an anointed teacher, preacher, author and executive producer of House Of Israel, an international television program. Learn more about House of Israel.

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Arthur Bailey exposes Religious Traps in the Messianic Faith  & he shares what it means to be a Godly Man from both his own experience and the Word of YeHoVaH on is "A Man of God"! ... Learn More

In this exciting new teaching, author and teacher Arthur Bailey shares important biblical truths that will help you identify and distinguish the voice of the Almighty from all other voices... Learn More

Discover the answers to your questions about the seventh-day versus the first-day of the week Sabbath debate in this easy-to-read, must-have book for all of today's people.... Learn More

Did you know that what you believe about prosperity determines what you can and cannot receive from YeHoVah? This teaching series will leave you with a wealth of information.... Learn More

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