Arthur began the Passover Celebration saying that there is much misinformation about Passover that needs to be cleared up. Arthur shared accurate information to clear up false teachings and confusion.

Arthur shared information that brought to light that some of the Saints did not know that we held wrong concepts and information in our heads from things that we were taught and traditions that we saw and practiced. Here are a few of the highlights.

  • Many believe and teach that Yeshua/Jesus fulfilled the Passover. The truth is that Passover is the fulfillment of the prophecy given to Abraham by God. Genesis 15:14-16
  • In the Hebrew language, a lamb refers to a sheep or a goat.
  • The lamb's blood on the doorpost did not protect all the people in the house. The blood only protected the firstborn. The Egyptians who did not have the blood on their doorpost only lost the firstborn. That is why only the firstborn needs to be redeemed.
  • In the Levitical system of sacrifices, Passover was about redemption from Egypt; Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement, was for the atonement of sins.
  • Leaven in the Scriptures refer to false teachings, not sin.
  • Leaven that is to be removed from your home prior to the start of the Feast of Unleavened Bread is referring to BREAD. The instruction has to do with eating leavened bread.
  • Prophecies have been fulfilled at Feasts, but the Feasts, themselves, are not fulfillments of prophecies. 

Yeshua redeemed the people of the world on Passover, but He also atoned for the sins of the world on Passover as the Lamb of God.

Arthur Bailey

Reflections on the Teaching

This Teaching, in the midst of celebrating Passover, was vital because we must never forget that Passover is about YeHoVaH redeeming Israel.  Yeshua was crucified on Passover as the redeemer of the world and atoned for the sins of the world, but we must continually remember and celebrate of the redemption of Israel as YeHoVaH commanded!  The remembrance of the mighty deliverance is a source of our confidence in the might of YeHoVaH to deliver us in the midst of our trials and tribulations.  

Another source of confidence and strength is hearing the testimonies of the Saints.  The testimonies shared were powerful examples of how Father was moving in the lives of the Saints and how the Saints were responding to Father in faith and obedience.  Here are some highlights.

  • Favor with State and local agencies to release overdue funds
  • Increased income during the pandemic
  • Non-Messianic spouse sending an offering to House of Israel
  • Development of ministry projects in HOI Lagos, Nigeria
  • Provisions to come to the Feasts
  • Clarity concerning the 1st and subsequent Passover Observances
  • Revelation of the truth to keep the Commands of YeHoVaH
  • Unveiling of the paganism of the Christian Church system
  • Courage to walk in faith in spite of family and friends who do not want to be in this faith.
  • Deliverance through hard times 
  • Learning and growth during hard times 
  • Deliverance from fear
  • Deliverance from sickness and disease

So then faith cometh by hearing,
and hearing by the
Word of Elohim.

Romans 10:17

What caught your attention in this Teaching?  
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  • Karin Alexander says:


    What day is your Passover on for 2024? What time is your service?

    • Sharon Campbell says:

      Passover – Sunset March 25: (Live Service at 7PM ET)

      Unleavened Bread 1st Day – Sunset March 25 to Sunset March 26: (Live Service March 26 at 1PM)

      Day of First Fruits – Sunset March 30 to sunset March 31

      Unleavened Bread 7th Day – Sunset March 31 to Sunset April 1: (Live Service April 1 at 1PM)

      Feast of Weeks/Harvest/Pentecost – Sunset May 18 to Sunset May 19: (Live Service May19 at 1PM)

  • Yes you are correct that we do what we have been taught. Until we learn something that we see us correct. Now concerning Passover. This year is a thirteenth month. Nature follows that rule. And if so then spring is not yet! Must I repeat myself? I will because this is extremely important ok? Spring is not yet!! It has nothing to do with barley ripening ok? And therefore the pagan understanding of using the equinox is also wrong. Does this mean anything to you Arthur and friends. To me this is rather very serious to understand and to obey? Shalom

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