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Born Like This (Or That) EBook
Born Like This (Or That) By:  Efraiym BridgesSUPPORT MINISTRYGET MORE EBOOKSBORN LIKE THIS (OR THAT) CONTENT HUBJoin us Live at House[...]
By What Authority Ebook
By What AuthorityWe’re going to look at by what authority we are doing the things that we are doing here[...]
Feasts of Firstfruits
Feasts of FirstfruitsIn this exciting teaching you will learn what are considered to be the Firstfruits offerings; when they are[...]
Hannukah Then And Now Ebook
Hanukkah Then And NowThe Book of Maccabees has a lot of information that is not so much related to Hanukkah,[...]
Hanukkah The Hidden Truth
Hanukkah The Hidden TruthOne of the most important seasons of the year for many people is the month of December.[...]
Happy Halloween? Ebook
Happy Halloween? EbookMuch of society sees Halloween as a day of harmless fun for young and old alike. But is it?[...]
How to hear God’s Voice
How To Hear God’s VoiceIn this dynamic, life-changing book, author and teacher Arthur Bailey shares important biblical truth that will[...]
Its Not Finished Ebook
It's Not FinishedFor centuries Christian leaders have been declaring how “It is finished!” while promoting the “gospel of Jesus” and[...]
LGBTQ and the Anti-Messiah Agenda An Endtime Prophetic Warning Ebook
LGBTQ and the Anti-Messiah Agenda. An End-time Prophetic Warning EbookLGBTQ is the new addition to the acronym to the lesbian,[...]
Maximizing Your Talents
Maximizing Your TalentsJoin Arthur Bailey as he explains the parable of the talents taught by Yeshua to his disciples about[...]
Merry Christmas? EBook
Merry Christmas?Where did Christmas originate? What does the Bible have to say about Christmas and its relationship to the birth[...]
Messianic 101 Ebook
Messianic 101: The EssentialsIn this very important teaching series, Arthur Bailey explains what every new believer must know to live[...]
Messianic 201 Ebook
Messianic 201: Adding to your faithThis is the second in a series of three insightful teachings. Messianic 201: Adding To[...]
Messianic 301 Ebook
Messianic 301Discover what it means to be a mature believer. Learn how to overcome the traps and snares that keep[...]
Offended & Offending: Dealing With Offence
Offended & Offending: Dealing With OffenceHow many times in life have we felt the sting of an offence? Are we[...]
Preparing For The Spring Feasts Of YeHoVaH Ebook
Preparing For The Spring Feasts Of YeHoVaHThe Spring Feasts of YeHoVaH begins the evening of the 14th of Aviv with:[...]
The Biblical New Year Ebook
The Biblical New YearAmerica and countries around the world celebrate the New Year in the winter at midnight on December[...]
The Book of Galatians Ebook
The Book Of GalatiansJoin Arthur Bailey in this verse by verse study of the Book of Galatians and see first[...]
The Evolution of the American Gospel Ebook
The Evolution of the American GospelHow is it possible that men, religious traditions, cultures and kings have so profoundly and[...]
The Feast of Pentecost Ebook
The Feast of Pentecost EbookThe Feast of Pentecost – What does the biblical Feast of Pentecost represent?What is Passover? What[...]
The Feast Of The Dedication Ebook
The Feast Of The DedicationYou’ll notice that throughout this PowerPoint teaching you’re going to see the “Feast of the Dedication”[...]
The Power of Your Words Ebook
The Power of Your WordsSomething supernatural happens when the heart believes and the mouth confesses what the heart believes. The[...]
To Tithe or not to Tithe Ebook
To Tithe or Not To Tithe After this teaching we will have an understanding of tithing. From the very beginning of[...]
What About Grace? Ebook
What About Grace?Believers in Messiah misunderstand grace, salvation and the Law. Messiah did not do away with the Law when[...]

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