The Communion Cup Matthew 20:20-34

Everything Yeshua did was prophetically inspired to fulfill prophecy. Yeshua’s activity, travel patterns, and teachings were directed by YeHoVaH to mislead the enemy, confuse the leaders of the day, and to maneuver individuals to comply with His Process and Will. This was done in order to bring about the desired end goal for sending Yeshua into the world as the sacrificial lamb for the sins of mankind.


In this portion of Matthew, after presenting a teaching to His disciples designed to expose their hearts, the mother of two of the disciples enters into a discussion with Yeshua with a specific request to position her sons in positions of authority in the Kingdom that Yeshua came to establish. The mother’s request, seemingly in agreement with the desires of her sons, provoked Yeshua to speak about the requirements of such a request and led to the first discussion of what has evolved into what is now known and practiced as communion. 




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