Yeshua’s Prophecy Pt. 2 Matthew 24:1-51 (29-51)

Messiah Yeshua’s earthly Ministry set the record straight concerning the preeminence of YeHoVaH’s Word in the earth in the lives of the people of Israel and the people of the world. From the very beginning of the New Testament writings, John the Baptist proclaimed Messiah’s coming and Yeshua made clear He did not come to do away with the Law or the Prophets.


Included in the Law was the proclamation of YeHoVaH that He would raise up a Prophet from amongst the brethren liken unto Moses. Yeshua’s Teaching Ministry reaffirmed the Words of YeHoVaH given to Moses and the Prophets, as well as it fulfilled what Moses and the Prophets had said concerning Yeshua.


As a Prophet, Yeshua’s Prophetic Ministry is put on full display in this portion of Matthew as He prophesies concerning future events. Join us for Yeshua’s prophetic proclamations of events that would unfold in the First Century and some of which, hundreds of years later at this time, have yet to come to pass.




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