Category: Holy Spirit

The Spirit, the Word, and the devil Matthew 4:1-11

John the Baptist witnesses the Holy Spirit descending on Yeshua in fulfillment of what YeHoVaH had said to him and thereby YeHoVaH reveals the “”Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world””. The same Holy Spirit then leads Yeshua in the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.

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John Baptizes Yeshua Matthew 3:13-17

Listen as Arthur examines the question of whether Yeshua was baptized, or mikveh-ed by John in the Jordan River. Baptism is a doctrine laid out in the New Testament for those who follow Yeshua the Messiah. Many in the Messianic and Hebrew Roots use the term mikveh in relation to and, in some cases, as opposed to baptism. Are believers instructed to mikveh or be baptized?

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In the Beginning, Day 6

In Day 6, all land creatures, organisms, and man were created. Arthur addresses the issue that some believe that the female was created on a later day than the man. From Scripture it is shown that YeHoVaH blessed both the male and the female on Day 6.  On that same Day, instructions on diet were given and the animals were named.

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In the Beginning, Day 1

Arthur Bailey continues his verse-by-verse commentary teaching on The Book of Genesis.  In this Teaching, Arthur describes the process of creation and the order in which creation takes shape starting with YeHoVaH separating the light from the darkness.  Listen to find out about the creation of darkness!

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