Marriage and Deception Chapter 29:1-30

DOWNLOAD FREE EBOOK VISIT BOOKSTORE DONATE TODAY Jacob did not understand the culture, customs, and nature of Contracts or Covenants in Haran. From his entrance into the region Jacob was introduced to a different way of life, but maintained his way of doing things. Jacob makes a covenant or verbal contractual agreement with Laban not […]

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Abram, Sarai, and Hagar Chapter 16

DOWNLOADFREE EBOOK VISITBOOKSTORE DONATETODAY Abram, Sarai, and Hagar Chapter 16 Assessing her inability to have children, Sarai came up with the idea of having her husband sleep with her servant, Hagar, in order to produce children. Scripture implies that the children Hagar produced would be Sarai’s children since Hagar was Sarai’s maidservant or slave. Abram […]

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In the Beginning, Day 6

DOWNLOADFREE EBOOK VISITBOOKSTORE DONATETODAY In the Beginning, Day 6 In Day 6, all land creatures, organisms, and man were created. Arthur addresses the issue that some believe that the female was created on a later day than the man. From Scripture it is shown that YeHoVaH blessed both the male and the female on Day […]

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