Passover 2017 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, In my maternal family, the Tooth Fairy didn’t appear until my generation. I was the first to receive the quarters for lost teeth. I found this out when I asked my Mom if the Tooth Fairy had visited her when she was a child. She chuckled and said, “Nobody had money to throw around […]

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House of Israel Insider: It’s Not Finished

​Review of TeachingShalom Saints, “My Grandma set me up!!” When I moved back to Detroit, my hometown, in 1989, my paternal Grandma invited me to go to church with her. I went. After service, several people approached me with questions that were kind of personal. I had nothing to hide, so I cheerily answered. Someone even asked […]

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Romans 16 Part 3 – Teaching Review

Shalom Saints, In late 1947, a 17 year old young woman secretly made her way to the Train Station in Detroit to meet a 21 year old young man who had returned from World War II. The odd thing was that they met there often. This was one place where no one questioned young people running […]

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