In the Beginning, Day 2

Genesis is a record of what YeHoVaH revealed to Moses, the author of Genesis.  The second day begins with YeHoVaH separating the water that He made in Day One and creating the  expanse called Heaven.  This Teaching also looks at the alignment of Genesis and The Gospel of John that says all things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made.  

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In the Beginning, Day 4

In Day 4, the two great lights are discussed.  They divide the day from the night.  YeHoVaH created them for signs, for seasons, for days, months, and years.  These two lights were to give light upon the earth; one ruled the day and the other ruled the night.  Listen to Arthur discuss the firm establishment of a day starting at evening.

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In the Beginning, Day 1

Arthur Bailey continues his verse-by-verse commentary teaching on The Book of Genesis.  In this Teaching, Arthur describes the process of creation and the order in which creation takes shape starting with YeHoVaH separating the light from the darkness.  Listen to find out about the creation of darkness!

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