Israel Barak His Sons Chapter 49:1-12

DOWNLOADFREE EBOOK VISITBOOKSTORE DONATETODAY In this portion of Torah, Genesis 49 opens with Israel calling his sons together to tell them what is going to happen in the future concerning them and their posterity. In the previous Chapter, he speaks to Joseph, adopts Joseph’s two sons, and speaks over their lives.  Those words that Israel spoke to […]

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Judgement Day is Coming – Malachi Chapter 3 Pt. 1

In this passage we’re going to look at “Judgement Day is Coming” from Malachi’s perspective. Malachi, the servant, is responding to questions that are in the heart of individuals that Father revealed to Malachi or conversations that the people had amongst themselves. The Bible lets us know that Father not only knows our thoughts, but He knows the intent of the heart. There is nothing you can think that Father doesn’t know you are thinking.

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