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Shalom Saints,

As we come to the end of 2020, please help us finish strong with a generous tax-deductible, year-end contribution so that we may start the upcoming 2021 New Year in a position of strength.

2020 began with unbridled excitement as we planned to implement the goals we had set for the year.  Early on, our planning and preparation for Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread was plagued by a potential pandemic and the prediction of impositions from the local governments to force us to either cancel or limit our gatherings for our Holy Convocations.

However, we made it clear in our announcements, and in a Live Facebook video Broadcast on March 18, 2020, that we would follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and continue our services and normal Broadcasts regardless of the travel, gathering limitations, and social distancing requirements imposed upon us by North and South Carolina’s Governors, Mayors, and City and County Commissioners.  Our Live Services and Broadcasting schedule continued as planned, without interruptions, while many other ministries canceled their Sabbath Services, Passover, and Feast of Unleavened Bread Convocations.  Not only did we celebrate Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, but we also celebrated all of YeHoVaH’s commanded Feasts at their appointed times at House of Israel and baptized those who requested to be baptized. 

Although no one predicted a worldwide pandemic, which would shut down world economies, Father reminded me of why He told us to raise the funds to pay cash for our facility without incurring debt.  This has been a big relief considering the financial impact the pandemic has had on ministries worldwide.

Nevertheless, two things had a negative impact on our ministry outcomes this year.  1.) Covid 19 restrictions prevented us from traveling for ministry abroad and ministry at home.  Our Haiti mission trip had to be postponed and many pastors who had agreed to attend are on hold waiting for the restrictions to be lifted.  2.) The financial impact of Covid 19 caused us to reevaluate and reprioritize our budget in order to maintain the current level of ministry output knowing that many families were facing difficulties and were more dependent on our online ministry presence than ever before. 

At the end of 2019, we set several goals for 2020.  All of them were accomplished.


  • Hebrew Roots University was launched on schedule and the Associates, Bachelors, and Masters Programs are open for Applications and student enrollments.
  • We established ABM as a registered charity in Canada providing tax deductibility to all Canadians who support our ministries.
  • We launched our Arthur Bailey Ministries APP.
  • We added more TV timeslots locally and expanded our regional TV coverage into Dayton, Ohio, on DATV.
  • All our Discipleship Training Workbooks have been translated into the Russian language.
  • A translation of our Leadership Curriculum in the Russian language is underway.
  • A translation of our Discipleship Curriculum in the Urdu language is underway.
  • A translation of our Discipleship Curriculum in the Vietnamese language is ongoing.
  • A translation of Sunday is not the Sabbath in the Urdu language is underway.
  • Translations of our EBooks to the Russian language are in progress.
  • Several thousand people visited our website each month and we reached thousands of people each week through our Live Broadcasts.
  • In addition, many more goals were accomplished, too many to mention them all in this letter…

The testimonies of healings, deliverance, and the impact of our ministries come from the far corners of the world, from every continent.  Please see the attached Social Media and Student Quotes Received in 2020.

It is said that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  The number of Messianic and Hebrew Roots ministries that are following our ministry and teaching models is quite humbling.  House of Israel and Arthur Bailey Ministries International has become a global model for many ministries and leaders.  The number of ministries has increased that are teaching on the Holy Spirit, providing Live Question and Answer time, providing Live Prayer on their platforms, teaching verse by verse studies on the Books of the Bible, and sharing our Memes, Posts, Quotes, and Snippets on Social Media.  House of Israel and Arthur Bailey Ministries International have raised the bar and standard of several Online Ministries and Assemblies.  Many who follow our ministries are rising to the challenge.

We have made it abundantly clear it is not ministry as usual as we are diligent in preparing the nations for the return of Messiah, teaching and Taking the True Gospel of the Kingdom to the Nations of the World, equipping the Saints through Discipleship101.TV, Leadership101.TV, HebrewRootsUniversity.com, ArthurBaileyMinistries.com, ABM APP, Facebook, YouTube and other Social Media platforms.

The impact we have had on individuals, families, ministries, and ministry leaders reach far and wide thanks to your support.

Together we are fulfilling the Vision of Arthur Bailey Ministries International and House of Israel.  The True Gospel of the Kingdom (The Gospel that Yeshua Taught), is being preached worldwide via our Website, Missions, YouTube, Facebook, TV, Conferences, and other Social Media platforms.

Week after week, we continue to build on our Discipleship 101 and Leadership 101 Programs through our LIVE Sabbath Convocations and Thursday’s “Searching the Scriptures” Services, in addition to our LIVE Annual Feasts Sabbath Days aired on our Website, YouTube Channel, and on our Facebook Page.

I continue to watch in awe and amazement at what Father is doing in the midst of us and through our ministry’s impact worldwide.  We have made and continue to make a major difference in the lives of so many people around the world.  None of this would be possible without YOU!

Together we are Saving Lives, Strengthening Families, Building Community, and Impacting Nations and Continents.  Together we are Motivating and Inspiring individuals to Live up to their Spiritual and Kingdom Potential.

Together we are Equipping the Saints, Developing Leaders, and Making Disciples of the Nations!

Again, Thank You for your support and standing with us to spread The True Gospel of The Kingdom to the whole world.  Remember, when you support this ministry, you are sharing in the work that goes forthOur accomplishments are your accomplishments because we can’t do what we do without YOU!

With Your Year-End Tax Deductible Contribution and Continued Financial Help in 2021, we will accomplish all Father puts in our hearts to do for the Kingdom of YeHoVaH here on earth. 

Help US Make 2021 even BETTER!  Send your End of Year Tax-Deductible Contribution in the mail TODAY; DONATE via CashAPP using $ABMHOI; or Use the Donate Button on our Website!

End of the Year Donation

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Donation Total: $25.00 One Time

Thank you for another Extraordinary Year!

In Messiah Yeshua’s Service and Yours,

Dr. Arthur Bailey, Overseer, Chancellor

Arthur Bailey Ministries International

House of Israel International

Hebrew Roots University

P.S. We are already looking forward to The Biblical New Year and making preparations for celebrating The Passover and The Feast of Unleavened Bread. Our Fellowship times, after Teaching Services, are amazing and memorable. We look forward to you and your family joining us to Fellowship and Celebrate together in Father’s presence. See you soon. Shalom!

We can’t do what we do without you!

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