Abraham’s Servant, YeHoVaH, and Rebekah Chapter 24:1-28

Abraham’s eldest servant is believed to be Eliezer who ruled over all Abraham had, even though Abraham had two sons. Eliezer was Abraham’s chief servant. He was born in Abraham’s house, and he was like a son to Abraham. Eliezer was taught by Abraham to keep the way of YeHoVaH, and Eliezer had been circumcised by Abraham.   


Abraham had faith that a wife for his son, Isaac, would come from amongst his kindred. Abraham had Eliezer swear an oath to YeHoVaH, the Elohim of heaven and earth, but released his servant from the oath if no one would come from there. Eliezer, being in charge of all Abraham’s goods, took what he needed and left for Mesopotamia and the city of Nahor. 




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