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  • Modupe says:

    I have a question as regards the teaching on Death Penalty. Can someone be punished for a past deed they know not to be evil or wicked?
    Can an innocent action in the past which turned out to reflect evil or wickedness be due for consequences?

  • Rose Johnson says:

    Shalom !!
    Yes, I have completed both the Discipleship and the Leadership programs.
    I do watch and listen to the teachings both Searching the Scriptures and Sabbath Services.

    This particular teaching has brought me to repentance for the complaining I have done in recent months.
    Thank you Arthur and May today, 2nd Biblical New Moon/ Month be Blessed!!

    • Arthur Bailey says:

      Shalom Rose,
      Congratulations for completing both Programs! You are equipped as a disciple of Messiah. Continue to study, apply, and grow your faith.

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