Book of Exodus

The writings of Moses, given to him by YeHoVaH, present a continual journey from creation, to the deliverance of the Children of Israel out of Egypt, and the giving of the Torah, a.k.a. the Law, a.k.a. the Commandments of God.

This week for Searching the Scriptures, we make the transition from the book of Moses known as Genesis into Exodus also known as Sh’mot in Hebrew. Join us on this continuous journey as we discover interesting facts and answer probing questions about Exodus in the study of Exodus – The Introduction.

Arthur Bailey 

Apostle Dr. Arthur Bailey is the Overseer of Arthur Bailey Ministries International, House of Israel International, as well as the Founder and Chancellor of the Accredited Hebrew Roots University. House of Israel International, focuses on teaching the True Gospel of the Kingdom from a Messianic Hebrew Roots perspective. Renowned internationally, Dr. Bailey is celebrated for his roles as a dynamic teacher, preacher, and author. Hebrew Roots University is a unique institution dedicated to exploring the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith.

Authoring over 55 books, including "Sunday is not the Sabbath?", Discipleship and Leadership Curriculums, Dr. Bailey provides in-depth insights into Spirit-filled living by faith in God . With various academic degrees and Certifications, Dr. Bailey is a professor and keynote speaker nationally and internationally. His extensive range of DVD teachings and books, aimed at clarifying complex biblical passages, can be found in our online store. He also enhances the lives of believers globally through Online Live Broadcasts.

Currently residing in Indian Land, South Carolina, Dr. Bailey oversees the House of Israel in Charlotte (a Spirit-filled New Covenant Torah observant community), House of Israel-United Kingdom, House of Israel-Nigeria, and House of Israel-Ukraine. His Ministry has a profound impact on people worldwide; congregants from 6 continents attend online services.

Additional information is available at About Arthur Bailey and Hebrew Roots University.

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  • Modupe says:

    I have a question as regards the teaching on Death Penalty. Can someone be punished for a past deed they know not to be evil or wicked?
    Can an innocent action in the past which turned out to reflect evil or wickedness be due for consequences?

  • Rose Johnson says:

    Shalom !!
    Yes, I have completed both the Discipleship and the Leadership programs.
    I do watch and listen to the teachings both Searching the Scriptures and Sabbath Services.

    This particular teaching has brought me to repentance for the complaining I have done in recent months.
    Thank you Arthur and May today, 2nd Biblical New Moon/ Month be Blessed!!

    • Arthur Bailey says:

      Shalom Rose,
      Congratulations for completing both Programs! You are equipped as a disciple of Messiah. Continue to study, apply, and grow your faith.

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