Israel Doesn’t ListenExodus 5:22-6:12

Afflicted, heavily burdened, and realizing they are in trouble, the Officers of the Children of Israel direct their grievances toward Moses and Aaron. Then Moses and Aaron return to YeHoVaH to ask why He had brought trouble on the people.

Previously, YeHoVaH had revealed to Moses what He was going to do. However, YeHoVaH had not revealed to Moses how He was going to do it, the process, or the means by which He would accomplish what He had spoken.

Join us in this continuing and intriguing saga of back and forth between Moses, Pharaoh, YeHoVaH, and the Children of Israel as they refuse to listen to Moses' instructions in the study, Israel Doesn’t Listen.

In preparation for this study, Israel Doesn’t Listen, please read Exodus 5:22 – 6:12.

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