Moses the Murderer Exodus 2:11-25

As the adopted son of the Egyptian Pharaoh’s daughter, Moses was nursed and raised by his Hebrew mother. After Moses was weaned, he was delivered to Pharaoh’s daughter’s house. Moses grew up knowing he was Hebrew, even though he had an Egyptian name, and was raised in an Egyptian household by an Egyptian woman. Moses’ Hebrew brothers and sisters were slaves to the Egyptians and were under harsh bondage as foretold by YeHoVaH to Abraham, the patriarch. When Moses was grown, his Hebrew identity conflicted with his Egyptian upbringing leading him to making a decision that branded him as a murderer. This caused Moses to flee to Midian away from both his Hebrew brothers and sisters and the Egyptians he was raised amongst. Join us this week on this intriguing journey intertwining the Hebrew, Egyptian, and Midianite cultures as we follow a conflicted Moses in the message, Moses the Murderer.




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