Pharaoh Hardened His Heart Exodus 7:25 – 8:19

The miracle of turning the waters of Egypt to blood, performed by Moses to demonstrate the power of YeHoVaH to Pharaoh, his magician’s, sorcerers, and wise men, does not persuade Pharaoh to let the Children of Israel go. Instead, Pharaoh hardened his heart. The back and forth with Pharaoh and Moses, in actuality, was a back and forth between Pharaoh and YeHoVaH. In some instances, YeHoVaH hardened Pharaoh’s heart, but in other instances Pharaoh was unyielding and hardened his own heart.


Join us in this futile battle of Pharaoh, as he hardened his heart and wages a war, he cannot win. He is fighting a losing battle for power with YeHoVaH, Moses, and Aaron over the Children of Israel. 




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