Prophet Moses Final Prophecy to Pharaoh Exodus 11:1-10

When YeHoVaH commissioned Moses to go tell Pharaoh to let His people Israel go, so that they could serve YeHoVaH, Moses was made a god to Pharaoh and Aaron was designated as Moses’ prophet. Although Moses was a god to Pharaoh and Aaron was Moses’ prophet, Moses was YeHoVaH’s prophet and spoke directly for YeHoVaH.


As YeHoVaH’s prophet, Moses prophesied to Pharaoh on several occasions informing him, “”thus saith YeHoVaH”. In their last encounter, Pharaoh was angered by Moses and threatened him with death. The words spoken from Pharaoh’s lips set the stage for the final plague of death that forces Pharaoh into submission and recognizing that he is no match for the God of the Hebrews.


Join us in this final plague and get a glimpse of the preparation events happening behind the scenes in Prophet Moses’ Final Prophecy to Pharaoh. “




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