A Sign for PharaohExodus 8:20 - 32

Miracle after miracle performed by Moses and Aaron did little to cause or convince Pharaoh to release the Children of Israel so they could go and serve YeHoVaH. Pharaoh’s heart was hardened to the point that he would not listen to the council of those around him. Pharaoh would not relent even when they described the miracles being performed by Moses and Aaron as, "This is the finger of God." Despite being powerless to compete, Pharaoh continued to defy the command of the Most High to, "Let Israel go!"

Join us as YeHoVaH raises the stakes and demonstrates His power in the sight of Pharaoh. The manifestation of YeHoVaH’s power caused Pharaoh’s household and the households of the Egyptians to suffer. However, the Most High protected His people, Israel, in the midst of the suffering Egyptians in the teaching, A Sign for Pharaoh.

In preparation for this study, A Sign for Pharaoh, please read Exodus 8:20 - 32.

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