The Fear of God Exodus 20:18-26

In our last study, God Speaks Pt 2 – The Law & Eternal Life, we saw that Yeshua connected the giving of the Ten Commandments to questions asked Him about obtaining or inheriting eternal life. However, at the giving of the Ten Commandments, the people of Israel and the mixed multitude assembled with them, became so afraid of the thunder and lightning, trumpet blasting, and the mountain smoking that they trembled with fear, stayed at a distance, and began to withdraw from the presence of the Almighty. It was at this point that the people exclaimed that they preferred to talk with Moses instead of having YeHoVaH speak to them.


In this portion of Exodus, Moses reveals YeHoVaH’s strategy for the overwhelming display of His presence and His voice. Moses explains why YeHoVaH spoke the Words He spoke to the people and why He spoke in the manner He spoke.


Join us this Thursday as we Search the Scriptures and learn about The Fear of GOD. 




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