Warning Signs for IsraelExodus 10:1-20

YeHoVaH’s display of Power and Authority over nature, the elements, and the resources of Egypt may appear to the denominational disciples, or the un-discipled, to be singularly targeted and focused on Pharaoh and the Egyptians. However, a closer look into what is written reveals that YeHoVaH is setting the stage, and laying the groundwork, for the Children of Israel to know who this Great and Mighty One is that is about to rip them out of the clutches of Pharaoh, enrich them for their years of toil without pay, and set their feet on the path of freedom and righteousness for His Name’s Sake!

Join us in this extraordinarily revealing portion of Exodus as YeHoVaH uses Pharaoh and the Egyptians to send a multi-generational message, with clear warning signs, to the Children of Israel of what could and would happen to those who oppose Him and harden their hearts against Him.

In preparation for this study, Warning Signs for Israel, please read Exodus 10:1-20.

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