YeHoVaH Disrupts Egypt’s EconomyExodus 9:1-12

Pharaoh’s hardened heart caused him to continually refuse to listen to Moses and Aaron’s request to let the Children of Israel leave Egypt to serve YeHoVaH.  As a consequence of Pharaoh not listening to YeHoVaH’s servants, Moses and Aaron, YeHoVaH turns His focus to Egypt’s economy.

Pharaoh’s repeated rejection of YeHoVaH’s single command of letting His people go, and Pharaoh turning a blind eye to the miracles, signs, and wonders, brought the people of Egypt’s economy to a standstill.

Tune in as we examine the impact of YeHoVaH’s next phase of convincing Pharaoh to let Israel go. This next phase of miracles would not only disrupt Egypt’s economy, affect all the animals of the Egyptians, and the lives and livelihood of every Egyptian while preserving the livelihood of the Israelites and their animals from YeHoVaH’s wrath.

In preparation for this study, YeHoVaH Disrupts Egypt’s Economy, please read Exodus 9:1-12.

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