YeHoVaH’s Mercy and Grace Toward Pharaoh Exodus 9:13-35

YeHoVaH had the power and authority to destroy Pharaoh the first day He sent Moses and Aaron to instruct Pharaoh to let go His firstborn son, the Children of Israel. Pharaoh’s continual refusal and hardening of his own heart, in addition to YeHoVaH hardening Pharaoh’s heart, set the stage for the demonstration of YeHoVaH’s patience, grace, and mercy toward Pharaoh and the people of Egypt.


Join us and witness for yourself as YeHoVaH’s mercy and grace toward Pharaoh, and the people of Egypt, is put on full display. In this next encounter, Moses and Aaron confront Pharaoh and demonstrate the miraculous power of YeHoVaH over Pharaoh and the people of Egypt. 




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