Disciple the Nations Matthew 28:11-20

The sins of the world made it impossible for there to be righteous fellowship between YeHoVaH and His creation. Redemption was about much more than simply saving man from his sins. Mankind had lost its way with no hope and no way to return to YeHoVaH in righteousness and fellowship with the Creator. YeHoVaH’s plan to redeem man and His creation providing a pathway back to Him had been put in play after the fall of man in the garden and materialized at the cross with Yeshua’s sacrifice for the sins of the world.


In the final Chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, all seemed to be lost as Yeshua’s Disciples, who had hoped that He was the one who was going to redeem Israel, returned to normal life in despair and unbelief of what Yeshua had taught them about what would happen three days after His death.


Yeshua’s resurrected Life was committed to empowering His Disciples on how to live in the Kingdom of Heaven as a man on earth, how to please YeHoVaH through obedience to His Commands, how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, and how to make Disciples of the nations as He had Discipled them.



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