Hope for the Gentiles Matthew 12:14-21

The master plan of YeHoVaH to redeem all mankind was initiated after the fall of man. His plan can be seen from Genesis to Revelation. The first Messianic prophecy, as it is known, was fulfilled with the advent of Messiah.  This Messianic prophecy, in Genesis, was to redeem All Gentiles, Jews, and mankind.


Hope for the Gentiles was prophesied by the prophets and manifested in the arrival of Messiah.  The fulfillment of this prophecy was at the forefront of Yeshua’s mind as He preached the true Gospel of the Kingdom and healed all who came to Him.


In this teaching, we will identify who the Gentiles were, how they would be shown judgment, and how they would put their trust in YeHoVaH. This is a timeless and thought-provoking teaching, Hope for the Gentiles.




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