Mysteries of the Kingdom: Sowers and Reapers Matthew 13:24-43

The religious leaders of Israel resisted and fought the ministry of Yeshua and His message of repentance. Yeshua’s family was concerned about His mental condition as was discovered in the previous lesson. Satan, the prince of the power of the air, had blinded the minds of the religious leaders and dispatched evil spirits that occupied and bound up the people of the land.
Repentance and acceptance of the Gospel of the Kingdom was the only hope for the people to be set free from the bondage of satan and the evil spirits that bound them. Yeshua knew that once He left, the enemy would try to devastate the people of the land of Israel by increasing the demonic presence seven-fold. Therefore, the only hope for the people was for the seeds of the Word to be planted throughout the land.
In this portion of Matthew, Yeshua reveals secrets of the Kingdom to His Disciples that had been hidden from the people and the devil.




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