Thieves, Robbers and the House of Prayer Matthew 21:1-17

The big, bold, beautiful ministry of Yeshua is put on full display in this portion of Matthew as Yeshua gives His disciples instructions to go into the city, find His ride, and bring it to Him to make His triumphal entrance into Jerusalem. Yeshua’s festive entrance became the cause of much celebration for the inhabitants and visitors in Jerusalem at the time.


However, the celebration of the people invoked the anger and wrath of the religious community who confronted Yeshua because of the words and phrases the people shouted out.

Several prophecies are fulfilled in this passage as Yeshua confronts, condemns, and clears out the merchants who conducted their businesses in the Temple Courts. Yeshua’s actions on the scene continued to confuse the leaders of the day and maneuvered individuals to comply with YeHoVaH’s plan to bring about the desired end goal of sending Yeshua into the world as the sacrificial lamb for the sins of mankind.


Join us in this joyous occasion of Yeshua’s entrance into the city of Jerusalem, the exploits performed by Him in the Temple Courts, and the prophetic fulfillments of the prophets spoken hundreds of years prior, in this teaching, Thieves, Robbers and the House of Prayer. 




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