The Lord of the Land

The land of Canaan was prone to famines.  Abraham, Isaac, and Israel all experienced a famine during their lifetimes in the land of Canaan.  Each of the patriarchs was given specific instructions by YeHoVaH of what they were to do to survive the famine in their days.

During the famine of Israel’s days, YeHoVaH prepares the way for the preservation of the Children of Israel by giving Joseph a series of dreams.  YeHoVaH then sends Joseph to Egypt, ahead of his brothers, setting the stage for the fulfillment of Joseph’s dream of reigning over and having dominion over his brothers as The Lord of the Land.  Don’t miss any of the tense and emotion-filled moments unveiled in this portion of Israel’s history.  Please read Genesis 42:1-38 in preparation for the message, The Lord of the Land.

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