Messiah’s Resurrected Ministry - John Chapter 20 Part 2

Messiah’s Resurrected Ministry

After the resurrection, Messiah Yeshua must now provide infallible proof to His disciples that He has actually resurrected despite teaching them that He would. The refusal of several of His disciples to believe the report of the women required Messiah’s ministry to continue after His passion. For the next forty days, Messiah sets out on the mission of showing Himself first to the women, to the eleven, and many others in order to convince, equip, and prepare them for the courage, strength, and leadership they would need to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the world.

Join us for the third phase of Messiah’s ministry in the teaching Messiah’s Resurrected Ministry.

In preparation for the message, Messiah’s Resurrected Ministry, please read John 20:10 - 18.

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