Pentecost  2017

Join David Rogers as  he exponds on the Second Great Commandment in Torah Perspective during this very Special Pentecost Service.

The Spring Feasts 2017

The Spring Feasts of YeHoVaH begins the evening of the 14th of Aviv with: 

  • Passover, followed by.
  • Unleavened Bread.
  • Firstfruits and commences the count up to
  • Includes "Moments in Eternity" A Special Worship Session and Teaching by David Salinas
  • Pentecost.

Each of these events point to an important time in Israel's history and reveal significant revelation for believers today.


  • So you look at the Jewish calendar, you look at a Hebrew calendar, and you’ll see this month, the month of March. Then you’ll look on a Hebrew calendar and you’ll see Adar! These days don’t coincide because the months begin with firstday of the month at the conclusion of a last month on the Gregorian calendar andthat doesn’t always coincide with the new moon.
  • In the First Month of the Year is Passover. There is some confusion here and our role today is to try to clear it up. Now people who are on a calendar that doesn’t say Aviv or Abib, if the calendar says Nisan, then you’ll see Nisan 1 and that is the first day of the month.
  • The month begins with the new moon. Every month begins with the new moon! Aviv is a condition of a harvest and then the harvest has to be in a certain condition when the new moon is sighted in order for them to be there in Aviv. If it’s not a condition of a harvest then there is no Aviv, and when the first month begins with the citing of the new moon and the harvest is Aviv, then now you have the first day.

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