Repentance and Religion - Matthew 3:1-12

Several hundred years before the Savior was born, YeHoVaH spoke to His servant Isaiah, the prophet, to warn the people to repent and to foretell of the Redeemer who would come and save Israel from their sins, themselves, and their enemies.  Isaiah prophesied that before the Savior came, there would be a voice of one crying in the wilderness saying, “Prepare the way for YeHoVaH”.  

John the Baptist was that voice warning the inhabitants of Israel (the priests, the teachers, the rabbis, and the people) that the time had come for them to repent and receive the Kingdom of Heaven that was at hand.  The people were perplexed because they believed that they were already the people of God, the children of Abraham.  Nevertheless, many came forth repenting of their sins.

In preparation for the message, Repentance and Religion, please read Matthew 3:1 –12.

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