There are areas in our life that if we walk in obedience, we will see the Blessings in that particular area. Father has principles that deal with finances in the Kingdom.  People who Tithe seem to be healthier, wealthier, and wiser. They seem to be happier and to enjoy life more. People who don’t Tithe seem to be lacking, sickly, miserable, confused, and worriers. They never have enough. They struggle to make ends meet.
This Teaching Series addresses several important questions.  Why do we Tithe?  Is Tithing for everyone today?  Wasn’t Tithing done away with?  How much and how often do we Tithe?  Whose money is it?  What did Messiah teach us about tithing?
His Tithe, Not Ours - Part 7
Tithing is simply acknowledging that you belong to YeHoVaH. The Tithe belongs to YeHoVaH. When we Tithe, we are giving YeHoVaH what is due Him.  He is the one who allocates where He wants to allocate it.  When you don’t give Him what belongs to Him, Malachi says it is robbing God.

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