"Walk and Talk with Yah" with Zaqane Efraiym Bridges

"Walk and Talk with Yah" with Zaqane Efraiym Bridges

Listen as Zaqane Efraiym Bridges teaches and explains how walking, talking, and most importantly listening to Elohim will bring unprecedented favor.  Efraiym uses many illustrations from the Scriptures and his life to highlight:

  • The consequences of opposing Messiah
  • How distractions will pull our focus from Elohim’s voice and written word
  • The importance of listening to Elohim to avoid sorrows in our lives
  •  Accepting discipline by focusing on the results of heeding correction
  • Allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us and thereby overcoming the desires of the flesh

This is a perennial Teaching.  It is for now and it will endure.  

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