Yeshua Teaches on Divorce - Matthew 5:31-32

Yeshua’s first public teaching, concerning the Kingdom Gospel, covered a variety of topics that were pertinent to those who desired to enter the Kingdom and follow Him. Yeshua established the standards of how His followers were to conduct themselves morally and ethically in His Kingdom community while living in the world’s kingdoms. After clarifying His position on the Law and the Prophets, murder, and adultery, Yeshua transitions to the subject of divorce from the perspective of the Law. 

What may appear as a random subject matter is an intentional and succinct discourse as Yeshua addresses this public gathering of disciples and a multitude of potential followers. Join us and listen in as Yeshua Teaches on Divorce.

In preparation for the message, Yeshua Teaches on Divorce, please read Matthew 5:31-32.


Last Updated on January 10, 2021 by Arthur Bailey Ministries

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