Yeshua Teaches The Law - Matthew 5:21-30

For those who had ears to hear, Yeshua gave instructions on how believers in the Kingdom were to conduct themselves morally and ethically in the world kingdoms. Yeshua transitions His teachings to the Law, and the intent of the Law, in comparison and contrast to how the Law was being taught by the legalistic religious leaders.  These leaders were mainly the Pharisees who taught in the weekly synagogue services. Yeshua explained how the Law should have been interpreted and lived out daily by the Children of Israel.

Join us as we examine the life changing teachings of Yeshua from the Law as He contrasts His teachings with the teachings of the legalistic teachers of the law in His day.

In preparation for the message, Yeshua Teaches The Law, please read Matthew 5:21-30.   

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by Arthur Bailey Ministries

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