The Price of Kingdom Living Matthew 8:18-34

Kingdom Authority, Kingdom Power, and Kingdom Living come with a price. Kingdom Authority is given to those who have been chosen by Yeshua in YeHoVaH and who have accepted the calling of Messiah in their service to YeHoVaH.

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Love and Hate Chapter 29:30-35 and Chapter 30:1-24

In this teaching, we will learn the 3 C’s of Haran: Customs, Culture, and Contracts or Covenants. These customs set the foundation for the birth of a nation and the 12 tribes of Jacob or Israel.

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YeHoVaH and Wealth Chapter 30:25-43

YeHoVaH has no problem prospering those who pursue Him. He made Abraham rich; He prospered Isaac during a time of famine; and He prospered Jacob under the harsh treatment from Laban.

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